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Land subsidence – flooding is the “global warming”

Written By Alena Sedletskaya on Wednesday, November 7, 2012 | 3:55 PM

Land subsidence – flooding is the “global warming“.

The story of climate change is no less interesting. Because now it has turned more and more to talk about this enough. Become subject to it. With the change of climate variability and change things around. Affect many. The story will be told today, there is another interesting story about land subsidence – caused flooding and many are caught off guard by it.
The “global warming” and its impact on the broader story is spread around. I had a talk entitled “The impact of global warming. That affect coastal Thailand “, there is another interesting story. The current growth of the industry. The amount of gas in the 21st century, it is expected that high temperature of 6 degrees Celsius, leading to the occurrence of hurricanes and natural disturbances that occur with. Polar ice is completely melted. Impact on the high seas rise with it. Will result in the production of natural food. Water in the summer is out there. Mosquitoes can be a severe disease with increased earthquake faults will be affected more and more by the earthquake, tsunami. Volcano to blow it up. There are also mega tsunami itself. Consequences to the Internet. There is more rain in flood bar high. This is an interesting story. Should be aware that we do more with it.
Although global warming may not affect us directly to Thailand at this time that But the effect is stronger the wind, waves, coastal erosion, 2815 km long, covering 23 provinces in the Gulf of Thailand have discovered that there is a crisis that has eroded the average over 5 meters / year that it is. areas with erosion rates of 1-5 m / year in 14 provinces.
The Andaman is a crisis that has eroded areas average more than 5 m / year in 5 provinces in areas with erosion rates of 1-5 m / year in the province was 90.5 km from exploiting it. appropriate Sediment accumulation less. The development of the information system based on land use change processes natural high enough.
This is a fascinating story that we come together today itself.

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